16 September 2011

It's suffering from a severe case of neglect...

the BLOG is, that is! 

Funny how that happens, isn't it?

Pinterest is addictive!  Have you discovered that craze yet?  It is such a simple concept and a simple process, but it is hard to break away from unless you make yourself!

I went to an awesome covered dish supper last night at church with my Sunday school class - the JOY class.  I picked up Mrs. Frances (she's 97 and was Momma S's neighbor and best friend).  The company was fantastic, the food was great, and we had two guest speakers that shared what they termed their 'God stories.'  I was moved to tears a few times.  The second speaker spoke of radical faith - and the stories she told were of just that - complete and total faith regardless of the circumstances.  In one instance I thought, why would you get yourself into that circumstance and expect God to bail you out of it?  I'm still struggling with my thoughts on it.  I think God wants us to use common sense in our decision making.  I know He also wants our total faith in Him in all things.  I may have to talk to one of my Sunday school teachers about it so I can learn something from it.   

About Mrs. Frances, she is one incredible lady.  She doesn't drive anymore, but she does everything else!  She lives alone, takes care of herself, cooks for herself, takes care of her cute little dog, she cuts and colors her own hair, and she will not leave the house without being completely put together - and this includes full make up!  She is a precious, lovely lady and I am fortunate to have come to know her better over the last 9 months.

D and I are still getting back to normal since Momma S went to be with Jesus.  It is a slow process, but a steady one.  We are so blessed beyond what we deserve!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Amen!