About Me

Transplanted via marriage from a small town in rural Alabama to the suburbs of Atlanta, I am a 40-something lover of creative arts!  I dabble in paint, though I am never quite able to get what is in my head onto the canvas - abstract mess anyone?  I enjoy scherenschnitte (paper cut art) - my neck and back hate it, but my eyes and my heart love it!  I love to sing - my dogs are my biggest fans.  I am inspired by and appreciate anyone that gets out there and does what they love with reckless abandon.

I am joyfully married to a wonderful man.  He is my rock.  By today's statistics, we are a rarity - we've been married 18 years and we're both on our first and only marriage.  We met while we were both on vacation in FL and married 8 months and 3 weeks later.  We never cohabitated (not that I wanted to, but if I had wanted to, my daddy would have killed me - I'm serious). 

In our house we:
  • find it a challenge to keep things super clean (kind of impossible with 3 dogs and a cat)
  • watch entirely too much television
  • like to go on photography field trips
  • love with our whole hearts
  • praise God from whom all blessings flow

I hope you enjoy my posts here on the blog.  :)