25 March 2011

Having a good day!

Today I celebrate the 44th birthday of the love of my life, D!

And, I also celebrate the fact that Momma S. is having a great week!  D has been taking her on what they call "field trips" this week to run errands.  Momma has LOVED getting out and about.  Typically, Sunday is her day of adventure with going to church.  I think D & Momma have a new plan for the weeks to come - at least one outing per week.  The boost to her spirit is amazing!

My cup runneth over!

04 March 2011

Feeling kind of blue...

Today I am in a funk.

I know the rain is contributing to this feeling.

But what really has me feeling sad today is that Momma S (my mom-in-law) seems to be sad today.

It is like the joy is zapped out of her. 

The light in her eyes that is normally there when I walk in to see her is gone. 

And she is very quiet. 

To understand how heavily this weighs on me, you have to know that Momma S is at home in hospice care and has been since January.

I can only imagine what is going on in her mind.

All of this has to be overwhelming for her.  It is for us.

And I feel helpless.

My prayer is for peace of mind for Momma S, for the joy to return to her spirit, for the light to return to her eyes, for her blurting out in conversation to return, and for her to keep on fighting until Jesus calls her to be with Him.

03 March 2011


I am thankful for an answered prayer.  It was for something so ridiculously simple, but has made a huge difference to my man.  Yay, God!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Also praise Him for the challenges we face.  And remember that HE is in control, not us!

02 March 2011


Wishing my AWESOME sister an AWESOME birthday!!

I love you, Patti, with my whole heart! 


01 March 2011

Remembering my Granny Inez.

Today I am thinking of my precious Granny Inez.  She is no longer on earth, but I KNOW without a shred of doubt, she is in HEAVEN

My first memories of my Granny Inez are from when she came to visit us in Colorado back in the early 70s.  She came half way across the US to see us via a Greyhound Bus.  We made signs on cardboard and waited impatiently for the bus.  At this time in my life, I hardly knew my Granny Inez, but of one thing I was certain - I LOVED HER!  My momma told me that I was just shaking when Granny Inez stepped off that bus.  

During that trip, she and I went on an adventure in the field behind our house.  She chewed Red Man tobacco at the time (EEWWW, GROSS) and I was so intrigued by it she let me chew a little piece.  It was the nastiest nasty I ever put in my mouth.  But, it was bonding time and a quick cure for any thoughts I might have had at the age of 5 about tobacco being cool.  It's so not cool.

That night when it was time for her bath, I wanted to go in the bathroom with her.  I was a velcro child to the granny I rarely got to see.  My mom came to rush me out of there.  I desperately told my momma that I just wanted to look at her.  I think my sweet granny let me stay.

I loved my Granny Inez with all my might for all of the years we were together here on earth.  I honestly feel that she was my kindred spirit.  She loved unconditionally.  She gave of her time and talents unselfishly.  She and I had many hours of just being silly.  She and I had many hours of being serious.  She was one of my closest friends and one of my greatest champions.  She believed in me when I couldn't believe in myself.  She loved Jesus and shared His love with everyone - an angel on earth until she went to be with Him in January 1995 after a six month battle with brain cancer. 

I miss her so...