04 March 2011

Feeling kind of blue...

Today I am in a funk.

I know the rain is contributing to this feeling.

But what really has me feeling sad today is that Momma S (my mom-in-law) seems to be sad today.

It is like the joy is zapped out of her. 

The light in her eyes that is normally there when I walk in to see her is gone. 

And she is very quiet. 

To understand how heavily this weighs on me, you have to know that Momma S is at home in hospice care and has been since January.

I can only imagine what is going on in her mind.

All of this has to be overwhelming for her.  It is for us.

And I feel helpless.

My prayer is for peace of mind for Momma S, for the joy to return to her spirit, for the light to return to her eyes, for her blurting out in conversation to return, and for her to keep on fighting until Jesus calls her to be with Him.


  1. :(
    i hope she's already doing better by now. but if not, i've said a prayer for her also. and for you.

  2. She is doing better! I think she was lonely even though we are with her every day. She got a call from a couple of the ladies in her Sunday school class and they came to visit. As soon as she hung up she perked up and said, "I'm so excited that they are coming to visit. I need to change clothes!" Made a world of difference!

  3. P.S. thank you so much for your note!

  4. i will say a prayer for your mother in law right now. i love your heart for her!