25 February 2011

My nerds...

Back in 2007, my husband and I started volunteering with a local, breed specific dog rescue.  Starting out it seemed pretty harmless.  We would help on adoption days and at other fundraising events, transport dogs as needed, coordinate dog washes, etc.  Then came fostering!  Fostering is not for the weak!

Our first foster, Libby, came from a home where they kept her tied to a porch with a three foot rope and made her wear a barking shock collar.  She was thin, had the saddest eyes, and was extremely afraid.  She was with us for only a week or two when the applications to adopt came pouring in.  I reviewed them all and found a reason why each home just wasn't the right place for her...until Katherine and Carlos.  I told my husband about their application and he said, "They can't have her.  She is our dog.  I knew it the first day she got into our truck."  And so it began...

Our second foster, Frannie, came to us from Dekalb County Animal Services.  I saw a posting on our local Craigslist that read, "if you are looking for a pure breed dog, DCAS has akitas, goldens, weimaraners, etc."  So, I looked on the DCAS website and found her.  Then I had to go and see her in person.  I looked through every single cage at DCAS to be sure she was the only one.  I broke her out of jail that day.  She was so scared she didn't want to come with me.  But she did...and she hasn't looked back since then...and neither have we.

Our third foster, Millie Sue, is a puppy mill rescue.  She was found extremely sick and starving at a pet store.  A group of kind ladies saw her and contacted rescue.  They were willing to pay for her if rescue would take her in.  My husband went to pick her up for what was supposed to be a weekend.  That was November 2007 and this has been an incredibly lllooonnnggg weekend!


  1. hey, congrats to you!!

    please email sarah at
    so you can claim your prize!

  2. Danielle, I received my cards and I LOVE them!