19 April 2011

Vacation Week

I took a vacation week April 11-14!  On one of the days, I took my mom, my niece, and D's mom to the State Botanical Gardens!  It was quite chilly, but we stayed in the tropical plant conservatory and enjoyed ourselves so much!  It was WONDERFUL getting Momma S out of the house.  She was so happy!  Of course that made ME happy! 

I made this collage using Picnik, which is recommended by Danielle Burkleo at take heart.  I follow Danielle's take heart blog faithfully.  You should too!  Go here!

I'm going to do another post of my adventures with Cassidy. We did face painting almost every day. We had ART day!! We went to the park several times. We even went to a couple of antique shops to look around.  And best of all, I got to love on my baby girl.


  1. thank you so much for the books you purchased!! i love your heart :)