04 May 2011

A leap of faith...

An opportunity has presented itself for me to try to sell some of my art pieces.  There are details to be ironed out, but the potential is there.  I have never, ever even considered selling anything I have done - I have only given pieces away.  I have a diverse interest but I dabble in painting with acrylics, doodle drawing, and scherenschnitte (paper cutting).  I would never consider what I do to be fine art by any stretch of the imagination - it's just fun.  Anyway...thinking about taking a leap of faith just to see what happens! 


  1. that's awesome!! i'm so excited for you :)

  2. ohhhh this is so exciting Melissa! tell us more!!! :)

  3. Michelle, I have a friend that is opening a little antique & coffee shop in the little town of Bethlehem, GA and she wants to also incorporate an art gallery type set up. What I paint is more in the folk genre, so I think it is fitting. I would also love to showcase some of my scherenschnitte (paper cuts). I just need time to put some stuff together. The desire is there, but the timing is waaaayyyy off! Thanks for asking!!