10 August 2011

I rejoice in the fact that she no longer suffers!

Momma S received her angel wings in the early morning of July 31st. 

We had a private interment and her memorial service on August 4th.

D and I have cried many times while talking about Momma, her life and her legacy.

My heart hurts for me, but it breaks for him as we get through these days.

Since Momma came home from the hospital in January, all of our planning involved her.

It is so strange and unsettling to have this time, to not have to over think or over plan.

We are struggling to get back to some type of routine and it is hard.

We know without a doubt that Momma is with our Heavenly Father.

Even while we mourn our loss, we celebrate her gain (Phil 1:21)!


  1. prayers to you and your family during his hard time.
    amen to being able to rejoice though! god is good!

    (followed over from the take heart blog!)

  2. What a blessing that your mother-in-law knew the Lord. Good that she is no longer suffering and good that you all can take comfort knowing she is with Him.

  3. praying for you! such a blessing and such peace knowing she is in the best hands of all!

  4. More prayers going up for you & yours!

    God Bless!

    Saw you at Hannah's :)

  5. so so sorry for your loss. praying for you both.