16 August 2011

My Sunday Morning

Sunday morning I went back to church. 
The second of the two times since Momma S got to the point where she couldn't go to church back in June.
I thought I would be tough.  I thought I would be okay.
I wasn't tough.  And I wasn't okay.
The ladies of the JOY class showered me with hugs and love and shared sadness over Momma S.
All I could do was cry...and cry...and cry...and they cried with me.
Somehow I made it through class.  Momma S's class.
This class is now MY class!  MY Sunday School home!
They have welcomed me as one of their own even though the class is supposed to be for 60+.
I am so thankful that God has put these remarkable ladies in my life.
I have so much to learn and they are ready and willing teachers.

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  1. You are so wonderful. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. I admire your honesty and strength of character though. Thanks for your comment. I loved hearing your story.

    Cheri at I Am Momma